The System

Top Teacher Test PrepOnce you elect to become a part of the Top Teacher Test Prep Community you will benefit in many facets of your career.

  1. Transitioning into your role as an educator
    Our number one priority is getting the right people into America’s classrooms.  We want to help the best and brightest enter the classroom and stay there.   For many people the reality of teaching – even in the best of circumstances – can be daunting.  We are there to help you through all of the bumps and bruises associated with the first years in education.  Our experienced teachers will help guide you into your own style of teaching where you can maximize the impact on your students. 

  2. Launching the test prep business
    Most of the students in your area are getting some form of preparation for the SAT and ACT. Can’t you do a better job?  Whether you decide to do this right away or get a year in the classroom under your belt, we’re ready to help when you are ready to get started. We start with an initial assessment of the competition in your area then help you jump in.  From establishing pricing, to advertising, to getting and keeping clients, we’ll help you through every step of the process. All the while you know that any materials you need are already created and at your disposal. You just need to start drumming up business and then use the system that is already designed for you.

  3. Expanding your client base
    Once you are out there and making a name for yourself you need to continually compete for business.  We’re here to help you get that leg up and keep it up on the competition.  Remember that your position in the classroom as well as your own academic background will accomplish much of this for you but we’ll help you sell it.  As word of your business spreads, your opportunities will expand as well.  The quality of our product sells itself and you will make more connections with the right people as you move along.

  4. Expanding offerings
    Once you’ve maxed out the earning potential from the private, in-home prep we can help you expand if you want.  This will include finding an appropriate classroom in the area, arranging the necessary insurance and getting the word out that you’re ready for business on this level.  Our lessons for the classroom course and associated materials are ready for you to use as well.  Want to start college consulting as well?  We can help there.  The model of our program is that you can do as much or as little as you want and we’ll be there to support you every step of the way. 

  5. Resources
    If you need it, we have it. If we don’t have it, we’ll create it. If you think you can design something that will work for other Top Teacher Test Prep tutors then we look forward to your contributions. In fact the more materials you create and submit to us the less you pay in yearly fees. Much of this will be worked out in a case by case basis, but again you should know that your hard work will be directly rewarded in our system.

  6. Recruiting other top teachers to expand our reach
    Want to increase you earnings even faster? We want to get the right people into education as fast as possible. The situation in education is truly desperate, the need is truly immediate. We need to change the system as soon as we can and on as large a scale as possible. So we want you to help with this, and again we will reward you for doing it. Recruit any person into our system and you earn $2000 as soon as they pay their initial fee. The more people you recruit, the more these bonuses add up. Your revenue can increase very quickly. Do the math.

  7. Quality control and ongoing support
    Throughout your tenure with Top Teacher Test Prep our goal will remain the same – We want to get and keep the best of the best in teaching. To that end we will offer continual training to improve your skill set both as a classroom teacher and a standardized test tutor as well as an entrepreneur in general. This will be in the form of workshops – online tutorials and other offerings that will be available to you.