About Us

Top Teacher Test PrepThe Top Teacher Test Prep story started over seven years ago when I was a few years into my career as a classroom teacher. One of my best students broke down in tears in my room, cracking under the pressure put upon her by a local SAT tutor. She had been told that "nothing was more important than her SAT scores, not grades, not activities, not anything." I realized in that moment, in those tears, that I could develop a better system for doing SAT tutoring. I knew the demands put upon students, I knew the test from my own success on it, and I knew how to motivates kids and help them learn.

So I started Ace It Test Prep, LLC, an in-home SAT / ACT tutoring service. The only problem was that within a few years I had more clients than I could handle in that setting so I started offering classroom courses two years ago. When even that wasn't enough I hired on associate tutors to take on some of my overflow. This past year, I expanded to include College Consulting services and demand for that is rising as well. Though there are other tutoring options in the area, my exploding numbers show that my system is working.

Out of that success Top Teacher Test Prep was born. The idea is if you put the right people into the right system you get the right results.  Teachers have the natural tools, they know their students, and if they have a high level academic background then they know what it takes to do well on the test. The added benefit is that to be a part of this system you need to be a classroom teacher so it brings the best and the brightest into the classroom and keeps them there. The merits of teaching have never been subject to debate – the compensation has. Now we can have high quality teachers making six figures annually, being rewarded indirectly for their hard work in the classroom and best of all there is no need for public funding that doesn’t exist.