The Market

Top Teacher Test PrepMore than 2 million students take the SAT and PSAT every year in the US and add to that another million plus taking the ACT.  Add in SAT Subject tests and the fact that most students take these tests multiple times and you are left with a large pool of potential clients.  And that pool never depletes, because each year when students graduate, another group takes their place.  There is literally a never ending stream of new clients.

There are plenty of SAT tutoring services out there but none offering the tutors with the combination of skills we do.  And more importantly none are designed to fix the fundamental flaws in our education system itself.  While online options have their place, they are not a replacement for the one on one relationship between a tutor and a student.  Beyond that is the continual temptation to head elsewhere online (facebook status update anyone…).   All of the other in-person options put the wrong people  in the tutoring position – either underqualified (on teaching skills or test taking skills) tutors who have “done well on the test,” and are currently students trying to pay the bills, or undermotivated because they are only taking home a fraction of the money paid for the job they perform.