This opportunity to increase your salary gets an A+.

In an effort to recruit and retain top teachers in the profession, Top Teacher Test Prep has been formed as a way of allowing teachers to supplement their income while doing what they love and do best.  For a long time the only option on this front was for teachers to work for another company - Kaplan, Princeton Review, Sylvan; now they have the opportunity to work for themselves within a predesigned system that can be tailored to suit their individual needs.

We find ourselves at the confluence of significant events in education.  1.  Our education system is in crisis due to a lack of quality teachers and lack of funding.  2.  There is increased competition for university admission due to a combination of higher standards and an ever expanding pool of applicants. 3.  In a continued economic slowdown supplemental income is hard to find.  

By joining Top Teacher Test Prep you can position yourself to take advantage of this situation while making a difference in our country and our world.   There has never been a greater demand for test prep for students and there has never been a greater demand for high quality teachers.  Join the movement that will help transform education in America by putting the highest quality individuals into classrooms across our country.   

Test Prep Specialists, if you would like to pay your Licensure fees online you may do so through our Paypal account. Select the amount that is appropriate for your Licensing Agreement. You may also pay your fees for each student user through this link. Thank you.