Making the Profession Economically Relevant Again

A recent report in US Today citing current employment figures indicates that the jobless rate for individuals with at least a bachelor’s degree is at the highest level since 1970.  With unemployment rates reaching consistent highs and no relief in sight, College grads are broadening the horizons of their job search.  We stand on the cusp of a potential watershed event for public education.  With dwindling job prospects elsewhere, highly qualified individuals are looking for gainful employment.  What if we get just a few of these people to turn their eyes towards the classroom as a viable employment option?  Think of the possibilities.

Teaching has traditionally been viewed as a secure career with unsustainable pay.  It fell
into one of the following categories.

A.  A good job for the second income earner in the family.

B.  A job that didn’t pay “too badly” if you factored in benefits and retirement plans        (states tightening their budgetary belts changes this now).

C.  An idealized career because of the impact one can make on the future of society, but a real career option for most because the prestige was limited and the economics made it a  hard choice.

D.  A good second career (for many top tier individuals), one to enter after they were already financially secure.

E.  A job that  allowed innovation in the classroom but fell short of offering  opportunities for true entrepreneurship.

I would contend that the current, prolonged economic downturn provides the opportunity to shift these perceptions and bring the best and brightest into the teaching profession again.  I blogged about a similar event earlier this year when I addressed the influx of talent into the education system that followed the Great Depression.   Top Teacher Test Prep provides a system to return the teaching profession to the place of prominence that it deserves.  You no longer have to go into teaching once you retire and can afford to not make any money.  You no longer view it as a fall back career.  It can become a sought after position because it is a world changing position that now becomes an economically viable career option.  No matter where you decide to teach, our system allows you to double and even triple your yearly income.

What if the education system could actually reap the benefits of the recession instead of continuing to be victimized by it?  We just need to market this correctly, and Top Teacher Test Prep will help to do just that.

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